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5 Reasons to Love Janina Gavankar

Back in February, I listed Janina at #2 on my Power Rankings. She may take command of the top spot after watching the first few episodes of HBO’s True Blood Season 4. Who’s Janina? If you don’t know, here are 5 reasons to love her [not that you need more than one reason].

5. You may remember Janina from her role as Papi on the L Word but my first memory of seeing her was on the hilarious FX show The League. She played Shiva who is a doctor, Andre’s love interest, and a symbol for the guys Fantasy Football trophy.  Janina is in some of the first season’s funniest episodes. To top that off, she’s got a few hilarious videos on FunnyorDie showing off her comedic side.  It’s hard not to love a woman who can make you laugh.

4. I’ll admit to not being a big fan of actors who sing. We’ve had David Hasselhoff, Eddie Murphy, and the immortal Don Johnson all taken turns in the vocal booth. They’re good if you like cat scratching the chalkboard music. To my surprise, Janina’s reprise of Kanye West’s Love Lockdown is not only a good song but the video is awesome as well. She adds her own twist to an already good song while staying true to the original. Janina is a much better singer than I thought she’d be. She could be amazing in two arenas like ’95 Deion Sanders Only time will tell. On that note, she can sing to me any day.

3. Directly under Janina’s name on her website it reads “Actor, Musician, Geek”. It’s no surprise that Janina has kicked off the week down at San Diego’s Comic Con. She’s shared her experience via twitter and even tweeting a ton of pictures for her fans and followers [you can see the feed here]. She’s provided an all-access pass to those who were unable to make the trip. As a self proclaimed geek [or Blerd © Vanessa Veasley], I love how Janina embraces her inner geek. Any girls who loves her geekdom is alright in my book. What more could I ask for.

photo courtesy of janinagavankar.com

2. When you talk about her amazing talent, the elephant in the room is how beautiful she is. I rewrote this part numerous times because A) I don’t want to sound like a creep and B) the off chance my mom reads this post. There’s really no other way to say it – she’s breathtakingly beautiful. If you don’t believe me, there’s gallery full of pictures on her website that support my claim. You can thank me later.  Sorry Keri Hilson, you’ve been officially bumped down to the #3 spot on my Power Rankings. Ms. Janina, the throne is yours.

1. There are two reasons I TiVo HBO’s True Blood every week – Janina Gavankar.  Janina is a great addition to an already amazing cast. She plays the sexy shapeshifter Luna. To say she looks amazing on the show would be an understatement – Episode 2 this season almost caused a riot at my house.  The cool part about her character Luna is she has the ability to shift into other people.  I’m not sure what the people over at HBO have in store for Luna this season, but I have my fingers crossed.  Hopefully this platform on True Blood will lead to more Janina on TV and hopefully the big screen too.

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