‘Breaking Dawn,’ ‘True Blood’ And ‘Hunger Games’ Scoop Straight From The Toscars!

We caught up with a few stars on the red carpet last night at Brits In LA Presents The 5th Annual Toscars, and gossed with The Hunger Games star Nelson Ascencio.  Though he was sworn to secrecy regarding set stories and tales of the highly-anticipated film, Ascencio felt honored to work with a group of very talented people, including Jennifer Lawrence and director Gary Ross.

Since the event was all about the UK, talk turned to British programming.  In addition to loving Catherine Tate and Little Britain, Ascencio shared our fondess for Downton Abbey.  Who’s his favorite character on the Masterpiece Classic series?  ”Thomas,” he said proudly.  Thomas? Thomas! The crap weasal who’s smirk you want to slap right off his face, I asked?  ”Everyone loves a villain!” Ascencio joked.  We both agreed that the relationship between Mr. Bates and Anna makes our hearts melt, and yes, Lady Mary Grantham (Michelle Dockery) is one of our flavs.

We also talked to True Blood star Janina Garvankar (who plays Luna Garza), who does not yet have a rabid fan base.  ”I wish! ” she joked.  ”I’m like, ‘where are the Lunatics?’ I would be honored to have ‘Lunatics.’”  PS-this chick is a card.  I was laughing my rear off the entire time we chatted.  Garvankar, who brought her mother to the event, told us that all credit must go to the writers of the HBO series.  ”I can already see the grown in my character, and that’s not coming from me,” she said.  ”That’s coming from the writers.  I can’t say enough about the writers.”

We adored talking to Breaking Dawn Part 2 star Amadou Ly, whose character, French vampire Henri was written into the screenplay.  We asked if Henri was on the side of the Volturi or the Cullens, but that is being kept under wraps.   “I would love to tell you,” Ly said with a smirk.  Damn you, sir!  ”We have a lot of great surprises for the fans.” Yay!!!!