Desi News - Teaser: Janina Gavankar's 'LL'

Indian-Dutch and all American Desi actress Janina Gavankar can soon be seen in ABC's new series The Gates that premieres on June 20. But that is not all this multitalented actress and singer has in store for fans! She is also releasing a new music video and we have the teaser!

"It's funny because I posted it without explanation and so many people think it's from my new show The Gates [premiering Sunday June 20th 10pm on ABC]... But this is actually a teaser of my upcoming music video!" Janina told DH!

So what can we expect from her new TV series The Gates? When DH! interviewed Janina in April she told us:

"It's a great show! We're shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana so we get to disappear from everybody's lives and we don't have these kinds of pressures, we don't have to take meetings, we get to bond, it's a big old love fest right now. It's a show about a gated community where everybody seems fairly normal expect that some of them are vampires, werewolves and witches."

"There are many metaphors that we are playing with but the one that I am most interested in for my own selfish reasons is the immigrant experience; leaving the old county, leaving the old customs, try to assimilate, try to make a better life for yourself and your children. I am a cop with a dark secret. I can only tell you that I have a dark secret, we're going to be very tight-lipped about it because it's just too good!" she added.

A new TV series and an upcoming music video; sounds like Janina will be very busy this summer! Check out the teaser for her upcoming video, mysteriously titled "LL," and tell us what you think; are you excited to hear more?