DOPE: Donkey Kong Shelves by Igor Chak:


These amazing, functional Donkey Kong shelves are absolutely killing me with nostalgia. As a lifelong gamer I've never been one to shy away from geeky décor, but I don't think I know a single person who could look at these and not say, "Cool!" before their inner grown-up arrived to talk them down.


"The famous steel beams from Donkey Kong have served their time, but I could not pass by such an ingenious design… So as a designer I thought, how can I encourage Mario to take this back? I'm sure with the popularity of Mario he is not a simple plumber anymore and he wouldn't want some rusty beat up steel beams at his place, but he would probably need some kind of sweet looking wall to put his awards and trophies on," writes designer Igor Chak.

The wall is made out carbon fiber and anodized aluminum pixels that are joined with strong stainless steel rods and toughened glass tops. The special mounts themselves are made out of steel and can support up to 60lbs, according to the designer's website.

If, like me, you now have a sudden need to play some Donkey Kong, the old-school arcade game is online here.

(Images: Igor Chak)