Happy Birthday to True Blood's Janina Gavankar! Here Are Five Reasons We Love Here - True Blood

Happy Birthday to True Blood's Janina Gavankar! Here Are Five Reasons We Love Here

Mehera Bonner

Strap on your party hats, Truebies!

True Blood’s sexiest were-gal, Janina Gavankar, is turning the big 2-8 today, so let’s celebrate good times (come on!). We’ve rounded up five things we adore about Janina in honor of her birthday — including a few fun facts you didn’t know about this Renaissance Woman!

1. She’s a Nerd

Janina’s the gal of nerd-core fantasies. Not only is she a mega babe, she’s also a code-writing website developer, who created her own social networking site which helps actors develop their online presence. Can you imagine what Janina’s experience at Comic-Con must be like? Attack of the nerds!

2. She’s a Songstress

When she’s not making out with Sam Merlotte in graveyards, Janina belts out tunes — she even made a music video of Love Lockdown (a Kanye West cover). We love a gal who’s multi-talented!

3. She’s Perfect for Sam Merlotte!

Sam Merlotte’s always had bad luck in the girlfriend department (if they aren’t being brutally murdered, they’re turning into demons with a fetish for bull sex), but now that Janina’s in the picture his life is perfect! Well, other than the occasional homicide.

4. She’s an A+ Actress

Alan Ball only casts the best of the best on True Blood, and Janina is no exception. Girlfriend’s got acting chops coming out the wazoo! Her range of emotion makes us empathize with her character, and has some especially eager fan girls wishing they were skin-walkers.

5. She’s Gorgeous

Janina’s luscious locks, dark lashes and pouty lips are enough to make guys and gals swoon. Move over Eric (actually, don’t), because Janina might just take the prize of Hottest Truebie In Tinsel Town!