Holy $h!t! Landed back in Shrevewheezey to find that Raha just rolled HARD about our lil meetup:

**Exclusive** @janinaz It’s no fugazi for this Desi!!

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You are not ready for this, but I will tell you anyway – and I will tell you first!

Janina Gavankar who will be starring in ABC’s The Gates, (airing June 20), is about to launch her music – a sound unlike anything you have ever heard before.  She told me when I sat down with her in a small discreet coffee shop to discuss her career, life and art over a dirty Chai (my first incidentally).

She sat confidently and relaxed with black skinnies and a white Tee, which was designed and screen printed by one of her many hipster friends.  She had also pleated and pinned it herself, very A-Wang meets Rodarte.

She told me that she didn’t move to LA from Chicago to chase fame.  She came to live, eat and breathe creativity and she is so blessed to be given the opportunity to do so.  You will see her in The Gates playing a cop that carries the proverbial weight of a big secret.  She’s so thrilled, “I’m  honored that ABC thinks this home grown Chicago girl is talented enough to put her into America’s homes every week. I don’t take that lightly.”  she said.

We moved over to her loft to hear her sounds and watch the new music video.  This loft was a perfect incubator for all things artistic, empty canvases that she had commissioned for art, a collection of vintage Vuitton including an LV gun holster that I wanted to take home with me…and a giant Grand Piano.

Her sound? Think M.I.A meets Sade meets David Guetta.  When it’s on, you can’t sit still – you feel what she is saying and it pierces you.  As for the video – I have one word, SEXY.  Keep your eyes peeled – Release date is soon (like in the next month) – I will let you know, promise!

How she made my day? By telling me I’m an honorary Desi (pronounced “Daisy”) – a term she tells me is reserved for uber smart South-Asians (that includes countries like India and Pakistan) who use their brainpower to break the mold and put their footprint on history.   I’m thrilled, not only because Indian girls are gorgeous – but for the brain-power shout out! Thanks Janina.  But seriously, her movement is just as much about empowering other women as it is about creating art.  When I asked her why music? and why now? she said “I felt like I am growing up and part of it is realizing that wars have been waged over women and you can break this world apart by being a strong woman.” Yes Janina and we can’t wait to see that.

Don’t forget to catch Janina Gavankar on June 20 in the series premier of The Gates.  You’ll see another good friend of mine there too, Colton Haynes also stars in the new haunting summer series. I cant wait!! Click here for the official website.

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