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Screen Actors Guild Foundation


Q&A with Janina Gavankar

Tuesday, October 11

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Q&A will be streamed live from Los Angeles after a screening of an episode.
To watch the Q&A you DO NOT have to log into our website. Just go tohttp://www.sagfoundation.org/videogallery/livestream .
Please note: only the Q&A will be live streamed and will begin at approximately 7:45pm Pacific.

Email questions to LiveStream@sagfoundation.org or tweet to #SAGF.

 Already a favorite of the devoted fans of her two earlier series, The L Word and The Gates,Janina now plays Luna on True Blood. She is a shape-shifter, which pretty much describes Janina in her real life.

In addition to her starring roles in three series, she has appeared in Stargate Atlantis, Grey's Anatomy, The Cleaner, Dollhouse, NCIS  and Three Rivers.                                                                                                            

But there’s also Janina the Geek, who not only writes program code for friends, but who was also the first celebrity to sign up with Twitter and who is so technologically creative that she is regularly asked to be on panels at conferences educating the entertainment industry on the practical application of multiple new digital platforms.

She will be sharing her tips regarding how young Hollywood is using and can best use social media.

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