Janina Gavankar Teases the "Big Bad" of True Blood Season 5

Janina Gavankar Teases the "Big Bad" of True Blood Season 5 - Exclusive!

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June 10 can't come fast enough for fans of True Blood, who are eagerly awaiting the start of Season 5. 

The cast has been hard at work for months filming, but as usual, their mouths are sealed ... mostly. 

When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to star Janina Gavankar (Luna) at the NewNowNext Awards on April 5, she couldn't say much, but did tease a bit of what we can expect from Season 5!

Wetpaint Entertainment: We are HUGE True Blood fans; please give us something to go on until it returns!

Janina Gavankar: Well we have an air date, June 10, that’s when we come back. We are on episode 8 right now …

What’s happening?

Ha, you know I can’t tell you anything! Things are really, really complicated for Sam and I right now and my daughter. As for the vampires, this is the year of a history lesson. You’re going to learn a lot about the vampires this year.

Each new season they bring in a new mythical creature, last season it was a witch, what is it this season?

I don’t think they’re really doing that this year. I really think that we’re going back to teach people about where it all came from. Kind of.

That’s not true — there is something, there is a big bad something this year! There’s a big, bad something this year!

Will you and Sam stay together?

I hope they stay together, I love loving Sam. I love it! I don’t think anybody understands you like another shifter so you know finding somebody who understands what you’ve been through is very hard.