Lolz! @currybear posted the funny lil interview we did here:

There are more and more rising Desi stars on television these days. However, one really caught my attention. Her name is Janina Gavankar. I first saw her on the show “The League”. This is a really funny show if you are into fantasy football and even still if you are not. So the fantasy football league on the show was called “The Shiva Bowl” and it was named in honor of Shiva played by Janina Gavankar. I hope that by interviewing her I will win next year’s fantasy football.

Janina Gavankar has been on many other shows as well, including The L word and Grey’s Anatomy. Two shows I don’t watch because I have this condition called a penis, just kidding (but not really). She has also been on NCIS, The Cleaner, and will be starring in a new ABC show called The Gates. Check out this hilarious interview I conducted with Janina. She is as witty as she is beautiful. She definitely took advantage of Curry Bear interviews being really silly and hit me with some wise cracks.

CB: So Ms. Gavankar, tell us about your ethnic background? Were you created out of fairy dust?

JG: 2 parts sugar, 1 park pixie… all gingerbread.

CB: Your last name is Gavankar, am I right in assuming that you have some roots in the Indian state of Maharashtra? If not, can you tell us which part of India you trace your roots to?

JG: The awesome part.

CB:I did some cheating and looked you up on Wikipedia. You have done quite a lot of work in music. Are you still working in the music industry or have you devoted yourself to acting?

GJ:Ok let’s be terribly serious for a second. Yes, I’m devoted to my acting career. But I’m still very much a musician. That’ll never change.

CB: You have made appearances in a lot of popular shows, and now you have a starring role on ABC’s The Gates. What can you tell us about that? Is it about living with Bill Gates and his family?

GJ: Where are the spies? There’s a mole, I tell you! Ha! My geek sensibilities would love that, but it’s ACTUALLY about a gated community where pretty much everyone has a dark secret. (Myself included.)

CB: Because of your role in The League, my friends and I have started a Shiva Bowl of our own. Can you tell us if anything weird like that has happened to you in real life?

GJ: Um, yeah. You created a Shiva Bowl of your own….. *files restraining order*

CB: If I took you out on a date, what would I have to do to impress you? Are you a dinner and a movie kind of girl or do you prefer jumping out of an airplane?

GJ: 2 words: Dr. Mario. Beat me, and I’m yours.

CB: Name your favorite Bollywood movie. I’m asking this question to see how Indian you really are. If you say Slumdog Millionaire we will disown you.

GJ: Slumdo….. oh…. I mean… 2 Fast 2 Furious… Vin Diesel’s Indian, isn’t he?

CB: Out of all the roles you’ve done previously, which one is your personal favorite?

GJ: For serious, again: The character I played on The Cleaner. (A seven and a half month pregnant meth addict.)

CB: What does Janina do on a typical Friday night? I’m asking this question so it’s easy for me to stalk you. Please feel free to provide coordinates.

GJ: Well these days I’m on set, working. But when at home, I watch reruns of Perfect Strangers.
coordinates here: 10°54′13.92″N 19°56′6.01″E (zoom in)

CB: You call yourself a geek. What gives you geek cred?

GJ: I don’t know if I have geek cred. I ASPIRE to have geek cred. Hopefully my gaming habit, and love of tech and social media help me in this area.

CB: Finally, thanks for taking time to do this interview. I’m going to end it by asking you what is your favorite dish?

GJ: Pear Ravioli from Tuscany on Taylor St. in Chicago.

CB: Anything else you would like to say to Curry Bear or his readers?

GJ: Frak yeah. Curry B34R is the ish.

Janina out.