me want: (cloud shed, sleeps 7 by Bruit Du Frigo)

REFUGE, n. (Latin refugium). Asylum, retreat, where they retired to escape a danger, get away / / / mountain shelter / / / Type of pavement in the middle of central city streets and squares the largest enabling pedestrians to get away from traffic / / / (From the Petit Larousse Illustre, éd.1984)

Based on an idea of urban refuge by the Association  of Noise fridge , the collective  Zébra3 / Buy-sellf devised and directed The Cloud , a micro-playful and poetic architecture made of wood and plexiglass, offering a bed for 7 people.

"Walking. Cross Plains. Climb and slide down the slopes, along the trails, sinking into the brush. Move, get lost, find their way. Sometimes drag their feet. Stumble. Stop, take a breath, take another point of view of the city. And if you exploring the parks and the outskirts of urban areas as it traverses the great outdoors? Using the same codes, by acquiring the same way. We take along water, enough to eat, walking shoes, clothing for all time. It would ensure that the bag does not weigh too heavily on the shoulders, the card is rather accurate. And between two steps, we stop in a place where to rest. "


"No need to take the tram or to interrupt his journey. We sleep there. Sleep en route. All vagabonds and surveyors know, to get to sleep, we must guard down. And for that, we need protection. Even basic, rudimentary, like the feeling of home provided by the canvas of a tent. The shelter makes it possible and thinkable alternative uses of urban parks. It calls, time of night to try the experience of being hermits, park rangers, to meet the spirits of the place, its nocturnal inhabitants. Take refuge, relax. We would then imagine that the shelters are places available to park users, and more generally to urban users. To those who want to extend the time spent there, or those who are homeless. In the morning, yawning and stretching on the slopes facing the city waking up. In a cloud, protected from the elements. "

From June 20 until October 31, the collective  noise of the fridge in partnership with the  city of Lormont in Aquitaine, offers visitors to the  park the Hermitage St. Catherine , an original adventure. The nature of sleep in a cloud, on the western shore of the lake, in contact with the surrounding nature, all a few kilometers from the city without spending a penny. Sleeping in there, you are part of the work.

About: Founded in 1993, Zébra3 works in the field of contemporary art. This structure became known in 1998 with the first edition of the art catalog by mail Buy-sellf, which currently includes 4 issues. Jointly published by the association, now identified as Zébra3/Buy-Sellf multiplied the exhibition projects in France and abroad, through workshops and gained some experience of production in the manufacturing works. These experiments have included a strong commitment to the group of emerging visual artists. The production program introduced in 2003 also allows a number of artists to receive financial support in carrying out their work. For over ten years sellf initiates Buy-support strategies, coaching and development work of visual artists, mainly by writing his thoughts about the issues related to the production in its technical aspects, socio-political, economic and market .


Photos © Zébra3 + The Sound of fridge

+ The refuge is an art installation produced as part of the first edition of the biennial Panoramas 2010.

+ Via Zébra3 + The Sound of Fridge + reservations on  Facebook

In May, I saw him, placed facing the sea, at home, in Royan ... Photo © flodeau