ok get THIS! (spoiler, if you haven't seen ep 2!)

So 'member last week how I was on a plane, and everyone was talking about True Blood?
"It aired last night. It's the only one I get to see". That was said by the guy-in-seat-next-to-me, an army soldier (he goes to Iraq in 2 weeks)
I was suddenly like "do I or don't I tell'm? Do I or don't I??"
I decided to.
He turned down my offer to somehow have HBO send him and his platoon each episode as they air. They'll have no way of watching them. *sigh*
Mid flight, the flight attendant asked us if we were related. Um... Yeah. We're both brown.
Ok, but are you ready for THIS part?
Guess what kind of brown soldier-in-seat-next-to-me was:
Half Mexican, half native american.
Guess where he grew up:
Navajo Nation.
I couldn't make this up! He hasn't seen ep 2 yet! Haha!
Needless to say I asked him a meeeeleeeeon questions.