Oof! @FluntNK exposed my vanity secrets... (or lack there of)...



On Set Vanity | Janina Gavankar

She played it smart as Ms. Dewey, Microsoft's playful marketing search engine. She played it tough on The ‘L’ Word, a smack talking lesbian. She’s the epitome of crazy, cool, sexy. Janina Gavankar has that beauty greatness that begins with her inimitable charm and ends with our hurt feelings. How do we channel such an off-air street grace? While the world turns its attention to a renewed interest in stereotypical, call-center typecasted, South Asian actors, a new breed of intellectually cagey performers are stepping into Hollywood's Indo-cool pool of talent, style, vision, and, in this case, wickedly hip.

NK: Spill the deets. What’s on your vanity drawer?

JG: A computer!

NK: Of course, since you’re always texting, tweeting, Facebooking. Surely, you must covet some beauty 'must-haves'? Anything?

JG: Ok, water, sleep, and chapstick.

NK: Thank you for reminding us that beauty begins with these ultra-basics. Well, except for the chapstick. Ok, so none of the fakey cakey stuff we pile on. Figures...We'll forgive you for not knowing our disdain for chapstick, but, did you know you can use to stuff over a shaving nick? Seals the cut. Moving on...you got a beauty peeve? You are too perfect to have one.

JG: Hate it when foundation doesn’t match the skin.

NK: Word.

Catch Janina on her new show, The Gates, premiering June 20 on ABC. Now, she’ll play a gritty cop with a secret on a crime set drama.