Slimy but Cute: 10 Newly Discovered Amphibians -

Splendid Web-Footed Salamander
  • Sabin's Glassfrog

  • Prince Charles Stream Tree Frog

  • Splendid Web-Footed Salamander

  • Rhinella inopina Toad

  • Bolitoglossa guaneae Salamander

  • Yellow Dyer Rainfrog

  • Matama Moss Salamander

  • Jackie's Reed Frog

  • Yellow-Throated Web-Footed Salamander

  • Wide-Headed Night Frog

Splendid Web-Footed Salamander

Only a single specimen of the splendid web-footed salamander (Bolitoglossa splendida) has ever been seen. It was found in the remote mountains of Costa Rica, reachable only by several days’ hiking. Eduardo Boza-Oviedo, of the University of Costa Rica, San Pedro, led the discovery. Biologist David Wake, a colleague of Boza-Oviedo, described it as having a glossy black body with “a Heinz tomato-red back and Heinz mustard-yellow spot.” DNA sequencing analysis confirmed it as a new species.

Image: Eduardo Boza-Oviedo