STUNNING art school exercise (Paper story books)

Once upon a time the paper | UQAM

In preparatory exercise, I gave my colleague Louis Gagnon, a new project to educate students to the potential of paper as part of communication. It turned out to produce a book made of paper or printing or color was prohibited. Folding, embossing and various mechanisms were sufficient to tell a story. This is an essential exercise in both graphic and three-dimensional scenic. Here are some projects shot (excuse the quality of filming)

Sébastien Camden
In preparatory exercise, my Colleague and I Gave Louis Gagnon a brand new project to teach Students about the Potential of paper as from year of active communication. As It Turned Out, the Students Were Asked to Produce a book made of paper out of Essentially. Any printing or colors Were Prohibited. Folding, embossing and Various Mechanisms Were the only means clustering to tell a story. To me, This Is An essential exercise from a graphic, three-dimensional and scenic point of view. Here are Some projects shot (sorry for the poor quality of movies)

Phi Nguyen

Judith Migneault

Camille Lanteigne

Maude Paquette-Boulva