Yes Plz: (Touch Screen Gaming Buttons by @joystickers ...& they're in Chicago!))

Thank you for checking out our project!

The Classic by Joystickers is a simple product that solves a fundamental problem with touch screen devices: the lack of tactile feel in gaming. classics2


How does it stick?

The Classic uses a special micro-suction cup material imported from Japan. The suction cups are so small that you can't see them with your naked eye. If a Classic ever loses its stickiness simply wipe the bottom with a wet cloth and it will be good as new.

Will it damage the screen?

Nope. The piece that comes in contact with the screen is made of a soft conductive rubber material. The micro-suction cup tape is designed to hold the button securely to the screen while making it easy to remove at any time. The tape leaves a smudge similar to a finger print and is easily wiped away with the included microfiber cloth.

What devices do they work on?

All of our products work on any capacitive touch screen device including iPhone (any generation), iPad, iPod Touch (any generation), and equivalent Android devices.


Although the product is simple, the Classic is actually very complex to manufacture. We source unique materials from all over the world to make a button that is small, comfortable to use, sticks securely, and is easily removed from the screen.

Every detail of this product was custom manufactured to our specification - even the spring. The spring used in the Classic is manufactured right here in our home city of Chicago, IL. This custom spring will guarantee many, many hours of uninterrupted game play. We designed it to last.

We took everything we learned about capacitive touch screen sensitivity from designing the Classic and applied it to two other products we're really excited about: the Scribe and the Flow.


The Flow looks and feels just like a real paintbrush because we modeled it after one. The entire body of the Flow is conductive so feel free to grip it anywhere and be amazed at how responsive it is.


The Scribe has the smallest tip we've ever seen on a capacitive touch stylus and it glides smoothly across the screen. We also gave it a cap to protect the tip for when you toss it into your bag.

scribe ks


We spent more than 9 months working on the Classics and we're really excited to make them for you, but we need your help. The setup costs for injection molding are prohibitively expensive for a small startup like Joystickers. With your support we can turn these prototypes into full fledged products and have them shipped to you in May. For those interested in the Flow and the Scribe, those shipments will begin in April.

Thank you for your support and please tell your friends.

A special thanks goes to Zach Kaplan from Inventables for helping us get started. If you're looking to make something awesome, that's the place to find the materials.

Project location: Chicago, IL